11 Months

I can't believe my little munchkin is almost a year old! Crazy! 

At 11 months she: 

- Is the sweetest little munchkin! Hardly ever cries and has taken it upon herself to start slowly giving up the bink!
- Has the most amazing hair! She definitely got this from her dad, I was completely bald at this age.

- Says three words and knows what they mean and who they are. Her first word was "puppa" (puppy, you can tell who her favorite is), followed by "dada" and "mama".

- Sleeps like a champ. Still sleeps 12+ hours each night and has finally gotten into a schedule of two 2 hour naps a day. 

- Loves to talk to Grandma Majors on the phone! She shakes with excitment and waves to the phone the whole time. 

- Loves to brush her teeth!

- Is a picky picky picky eater! Like many other babies I have heard about lately, she will love something one day and refuse it the next. 

- Snorts when she laughs!

- Has just barely, like in the last few days, started army crawling. She has always gotten up on her hands and knees but still has not put that together with moving forward. 

- Sits up and stands up on her own! I still have yet to find her standing in her crib but she stands at the couch all the time.  

- Will not walk even when holding on to our hands.  She just starts to fuss and sits down. 

- Loves other kids and is a great sharer!

- Loves the iPad! It is for sure her favorite toy!

- Will not wear shoes. No matter how baby proof I think they are, she finds a way to get them off. 

- Loves to be in the shopping cart!

- Loves to clap, give fives and wave.

- Loves Rodizio Brazilian Grill! Freaks out when we walk in the door.

- Loves her puppy! He has finally come around to her being a part of the family and gives her sweet kisses!

- Still hates the car!

- Still loves her bumbo!

- Still suffers from neck spasms on a regular basis and has had to visit the physical therapist, chiropractor and ophthalmologist. At a year, we will most likely be sent to a neurologist at Primary Childrens. 

- Has started to really like cows milk (as long as it is warm). 

- Is still a champ nurser!

- Wears size 3 diapers.

- Wears 9-12 month clothes.

We adore our munchkin!


10 months


9 Months

It's hard to believe my sweet little girl is already 9 months old! She really is the joy of our lives! 

At nine months, miss E...
  • hardly ever cries! (A huge difference from her younger days)
  • still HATES the car seat!
  • still loves bath time more than any other time in the day.
  • wants so badly to play with Rex but he still will not go near her. 
  • sleeps 11-12 hours each night.
  • is getting better at naps but usually only sleeps for about 45 min in the morning and an hour or so in the afternoon. 
  • has her two bottom front teeth and the top two are almost through. The last few nights have been so fun!
  • LOVES to play peek-a-boo by putting anything over her eyes.
  • throws things, especially her bink, just to watch me pick it up.
  • gives kisses and high fives. 
  • is trying so hard to crawl and has become very good at slithering herself around on her tummy. 
  • is standing more and more. (I am beginning to think she may never crawl, I never crawled and went right to walking at 11 months)
  • has very POOFY hair!
  • loves her Baby Einstein DVDs.
  • hates baby food. Refuses to eat anything mommy and daddy are not eating.
  • is great at drinking out of a sippy cup.
  • gets SO excited when daddy comes home from work. 
  • scares easily at sudden loud noises. 
  • LOVES ice cream and frozen yogurt. 
  • pulls my hair non-stop and laughs when I say "ouch."
  • is not biting yet. (Thank heavens!)
  • loves to people watch. 
  • talks in her sleep. 
  • loves her cousins and already has a special bond with Megan.
  • hits anything and everything. 
  • says mama and dada. 
  • loves to hang up-side-down.
  • is still wearing some of her 3-6 months clothes but has mostly moved on to 6-9 months.
  • wears size 3 diapers.
  • weighs in at 18 lb and is 27 in long.